Nazriya’s husband Bhagat Bazil in the intensive care unit Shocked fans


Nazriya’s husband Bhagat Bazil, a rising star in Tamil and Malayalam cinema, has been admitted to the intensive care unit. Bhagat Bachil is the biggest actor in Malayalam. He is also a famous actor in Tamil. An asshole who knows what the story and character need without showing heroism.

Bhagat Bachil is definitely one of the few actors who knows how to act. He is currently starring in the Malayalam film Malayan Kunchu. The film is directed by a young director named Sajimohan.


Stunt scenes have been filmed in Kochi, Kerala. In this, Bhagat Basil had an accident unexpectedly. They also say that if the head falls into the trash, there will be heavy blows to the face.

Due to this he was rushed to the intensive care unit of a nearby hospital. Fans are shocked to see that Nazriya went to the hospital with anxiety immediately after learning this. Bhagat Bachil is currently well. The Malayan chick is more likely to postpone shooting as doctors have told her to definitely rest for a few months.


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