Varalachumi Sarathkumar who played the role of Keerthi Suresh Netizens who will perform for Kandamani


Actress Keerthi Suresh is one of the most trusted heroines in Tamil cinema. Because in the short time he has entered the world of cinema, he has attracted many young people with his talented acting and beauty.

Thus, Keerthi got the opportunity to act in pairs with many leading actors in Tamil cinema. Keerthi Suresh is currently busy acting in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi films.

Similarly, Keerthi Suresh’s performance in the hugely acclaimed movie Mahanadi brought Keerthi Suresh great fame. Thus the fame of the goddess spread to Bollywood. The result is that Keerthi Suresh is currently starring in a film in Bollywood.

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In this situation, the birthday greeting given to actress Keerthi Suresh Varalakshmi Sarathkumar has become a laughing stock among Netizens.

That means actress Keerthi Suresh and Varalachumi Sarathkumar are close friends. The two have worked together in films like Vijay Sarkar and Vishal’s Sandayikkozhi 2.

Also, actress Keerthi Suresh had wished Varalakshmi Sarathkumar a happy birthday on her Twitter page the day before yesterday (March 3). Netizens have turned this into a big talk.

Because Varalakshmi’s birthday is March 5th. In response, Varalakshmi tweeted, ‘Thank you darling. But my birthday is on the fifth day. ‘

So, Netizens who saw Keerthi Suresh giving such a greeting two days before Varalakshmi who is going to celebrate his birthday today, are making fun of Keerthi.



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