North Chennai 2 about three years later with open mouth Vetrimaran Dhanush fans worried

Vadachennai is a 2018 blockbuster film produced by Dhanush Vetrimaran. Vetrimaran had said at the time that the second part of the North Chennai film which was well received by the young fans would be made.

But it was not until three years later that there was any talk of a sequel to the North Indian film. Vetrimaran also got busy in different films in succession. Vetrimaran, who recently went to an awards function, said it would be at least two more years before North Chennai 2 was formed.

It was as if Dhanush had struck a blow on the heads of the fans. Dhanush is the producer of the movie Vadachennai. At one point, Dhanush, who had been making films continuously, was not interested in making his own film as he had produced his father-in-law Rajinikanth’s gala film and suffered many losses.

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After that, Dhanush, who has been acting in other companies and repaying his debt, will start his production company at least two years from now.


Those who know the details say that it is too late for Vadachennai 2 to come because Dhanush is sure that Vadachennai 2 should come under his banner. It is to be recalled that Vetrimaran had said a few years back that Vadachennai 2 needed a huge budget.

It is also worth mentioning that Vetrimaran has been busy for the next few years following Suri film, Surya film and a film with Commander Vijay.

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