Yashika is a super hit musician who incarnates as a villain

Model and actress Yashika is familiar to the Tamil people through the Big Boss Season 3 show. Since she went to the Big Boss show, Yashika has amassed many film opportunities.

Yashika, who has appeared in small roles in all the films she has acted in so far, is currently playing the lead role in ‘Sulfur’. Also in the film is a call from Yashika Anand to the control room,

Yashika, who has never been seen before, can be seen through this film from a different angle as she plays the officer responsible for finding a kidnapping case. Famous composer Siddharth Vipin will play the villain for Yashika Anand.

He has composed music for films including ‘Naduvala Kochu Pakkattha Kanom’, ‘This is what you wished for Balakumara’, ‘Hello I am a ghost’, ‘Junga’ and ‘Capmari’.

Similarly, Siddharth Vipin, who is also interested in acting, has acted in a few films but is currently undergoing acting training through Koothupattarai to play the villain.

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Siddharth Vipin, who acted as a comedian in ‘Italkuttane Aasippattai Balakumara’, is currently highly anticipated by the fans for his upcoming film ‘Sulfur’ which will be co-starring with Yashika as the villain.

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