A few words to keep your wife entertained during the curfew


A few words to keep your wife entertained during the curfew

Here are some tips for every couple to encourage themselves during this curfew


Husband and wife are always at home during this time of the year, so boredom and stress will build up in the minds of everyone.

‘I listen (giving ear) to what you say

The most basic foundation for happiness in a romantic relationship is to listen carefully. So, from time to time you say, “I (carefully) listen to what you have to say.” In other words, you are exchanging information with each other, which would be a way to make sure that only one person is not talking.

“Thank you (Tengyu)”

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This word can be very helpful in bringing you closer. Don’t forget to say “thank you” for every small or big deed your partner does for you. Take enough time to express your gratitude openly. It is important to recognize and appreciate each other for a fulfilling relationship.

‘We can fix it’

With these words, you are together as a couple. Indicates that you are going to continue. Problems can arise in a relationship. But it does mean that you will not let go of each other and face the problem of loneliness. These words will confirm that even if one of the two of you makes a mistake, you will work together and solve the problem.

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‘I’m sorry (I’m sorry)

Apologies and apologies show that you are ready to admit the mistake you made. Also, it shows that you have realized that stubbornness does not bring happiness. This is simple; But powerful words. This, in turn, has solved various relationship problems.

‘I’m mad at you.’

You might think this is the obvious one. But we often forget the outward things of a relationship. If you keep saying this as often as possible, the magic will not go away. Praising your partner and talking a little clich will always bring back the excitement.


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