A six-minute treatment to help find a lung blockage


Covit-19 causes shortness of breath by blocking the airways to the lungs. Those who are prone to covit-19 damage are better off walking for half an hour. Simple breathing exercises should be done. Eat foods rich in vitamin C. When the oxygen concentration is less than 90 percent, oxygen should be given. Oxygen concentration can be tested with a simple exercise (walk test). If you suspect that there may be corona damage, walk for six minutes. Before that you need to test the concentration of oxygen in the body. Being able to walk for six minutes without any difficulty means that the lungs are functioning well. This means being in the hospital if you have shortness of breath or need to go to bed when you finish walking. After six minutes the concentration of oxygen in the body should be measured. It can be understood that the lungs are repaired if the oxygen concentration which was 3 per cent lower than before walking, i.e. 96 per cent before starting to walk, drops to 93 per cent after six minutes of walking.

A six-minute treatment to help find a lung blockage
Picture of the Human Lungs

The corona germ affects the lungs. So there are symptoms such as difficulty breathing and low oxygen levels in the body. Corona infection is more difficult for people with asthma than for others who already have pneumonia. Some asthma sufferers report symptoms of coronary heart disease such as headache, persistent fever, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. Corona infection can have serious consequences for people with asthma.

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These particles spread in the saliva that is exposed even when the infected person is speaking, and small particles of saliva called aerosol can spread up to 10 meters in the air.

Because these aerosols can survive for a long time, there is a risk that if a person touches the spot where the aerosols fall from the air and touches his nose or eyes.

Therefore, the general public is required to wear a face mask, wash their hands frequently with disinfectant, and ensure that they are well ventilated.


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