After any meal, you do not need to eat this little medicine


Daily Diet

Our naturopaths have used this to prevent many diseases as fennel does good for our body

Nutritional levels in 1 tablespoon fennel

Calories – 19.8 g

Fiber – 2.3 g

Carbohydrates- 3 g

Protein- 0.9 g

The fat content is 0.6 g.

Many of us have heartburn with eating. In addition, small children develop problems such as flatulence and bloating. In such cases, put fennel in a little water, boil it well and drink it in a slightly warm place for better relief.

In the winter, some people catch a cold and have trouble breathing. People with asthma experience slight difficulty breathing when the weather changes. Chewing a little fennel every day and drinking a little white water will immediately cure the above respiratory problems.

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Many medical studies have shown that fennel is an excellent natural medical food for people with diabetes. Fennel is high in vitamin C energy. It helps a lot in keeping the blood sugar level in the right proportion. So it is good for patients to eat fennel from time to time.

Our liver continues to work to rid the body of toxins. Eating a small amount of fennel at least once a day is great for liver strength.

Just put a small amount of fennel in the mouth and chew it well to stimulate the estrogen hormones of women and correct menstrual pain and other disorders. Fennel also controls blood pressure.


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