After reading this, find out your liver condition and go in search of Tasmac.


Today a lot of people get addicted to alcohol and damage their liver and die .So keep these symptoms and know your liver condition.

If the liver is not functioning properly, there will be a strong odor coming from the mouth. This is because the body then produces more ammonia.

Cornea and tired eyes

When the liver is not functioning properly, skin damage and fatigue can occur. In particular, the corneas around the eyes appear, with wrinkles.

Digestive problem

If there is too much fat in the liver, even water will not drain properly. If such a problem is known in the body, it is a sign of liver failure.

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White skin

If there is damage to the liver, sometimes the pigments in the skin are discolored and the skin appears pale white.

Dark colored urine and waste

The waste products leaving the body are dark in color. If this pattern occurs occasionally, it means dehydration in the body. But, if persistent, it is a sign of liver failure.

Yellow eyes

If the white area in the eye is yellow, it may be jaundice. I.e. infection of the liver. Therefore proper treatment should be done accordingly.

Bitterness in the mouth

The liver produces an enzyme called bile. That pile enzyme just causes the bitter taste. So if there is too much bitterness in the mouth, it means that the liver is affected.

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Itchy skin

Sudden itching of the body. It is caused by defects in the function of the liver, such as itching if a lot of toxins stay


If a lot of yellow bile stays in the liver, the body turns yellow and jaundice occurs

Vomiting and diarrhea

Because the liver does not work, food is not digested, hunger is caused, vomiting and diarrhea occur

Stomach bloating

If the liver reaches a very bad state, the stomach will start to swell.


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