All of this can be attributed to the husband’s lunch, and diseases.


If your lunch is healthy then it will be healthy for the rest of the day.

* Avoid frying in oil. You can add more avial, joint etc.

* After breakfast, some people eat junk food, tea, juice. This will cause us to postpone lunch or reduce the amount of lunch we eat. Therefore, it is best to cut down on junk food between breakfast and lunch.

* Including eggs in lunch is healthy. Our body gets the protein it needs.

* Chicken, fish, etc. can be added to lunch. Get enough time to become digested when eaten. Lunch is a good time to eat non-vegetarian dishes like fish curry and biryani.

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* Some people smoke cigarettes and beats as soon as they finish eating. It is a habit that should be avoided to the detriment of health.

* You don’t have to eat cooked food for lunch. You can also eat salad and fruit juice.

* Say `No ‘at lunch to barota and naan made in the ground. Instead you can add chapatis and bread made from wheat.

* One of the must-haves at lunch is the rasam. This will help in proper digestion. The soup is just as good for lunch as the broth.

* Eating yogurt can lead to refreshment availability. So, you can add yogurt. People with digestive problems and those who do not like yogurt can add diluted curd.

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* All types of greens, nuts and legumes can be included in the lunch.


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