Anda kalyanam pannomnu kantakuravanka, must read this.


Anda kalyanam pannomnu kantakuravanka, must read this.

Read this and get rid of these from your mind and live a happy married life.

Anda kalyanam pannomnu kantakuravanka, must read this.


There should not always be arrogance within the couple. This is the first enemy of married life. First of all everyone says “Marriage is a game of interest. In a game like this, both of you have to play well and both of you have to win. ”


Suspicion is a disease. Once the disease comes, it cannot be cured. So be careful not to let the disease of suspicion come to mind. It requires trust in the partner first.

Speech interval

Both couples should always speak their minds. Always at home with peace, if he is doing his job, that will put an end to the couple’s married life.

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Nowadays couples have to go to work and both of them are not getting time to look and talk properly. Thus, if the couple does not have enough time to meet, then the happy marriage is in danger. So no matter what the job, spend some time with your spouse.


If there is a problem between the two, talk to them right away and fix it. Apart from that, if you talk about it too often, it will cause disgust to the spouse and cause division.

Bad behavior

If the spouse does something wrong and then shows him or her the anger that results from that, he or she should act in a way that does not offend the mind. After that, if he behaves in a way that offends or offends, then it will have a bad effect. And look at the speech that speaks with anger. Once the word is left out of it, then the wound caused by it cannot be removed. Therefore, such a quality should be avoided altogether

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Family problem

If there is a problem between the two then do not let a third party interfere in that problem. Because if you interrupt like that, even the smallest problem will get bigger. Then it can end in divorce. So whatever it is, the couple should finish talking.


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