Are you thirty years old? Read this and be careful


Today’s diet and lifestyle should be checked frequently for high blood pressure by the age of 30.

blood pressure

Heart attack

The heart gets bigger and bigger

Atherosclerosis of blood vessels

Kidney failure

The eyes are affected

Life expectancy will decrease



Depression, Tension

Smoking, drinking

Excess body weight

Potassium and calcium deficiencies

Increasing the amount of salt in the diet

Kidney damage

Hormonal disorder

Steroid contraceptive pills

Hormonal disorders

Lack of exercise


Headache, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, insomnia, shortness of breath, fatigue.

Risk Notice

If you have any of the following, get your blood pressure checked every 6 months.

If you are over 30 years old

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If you have heart disease in your family history

If you are an overweight person

If you are a smoker

If you are a regular alcoholic

If you are suffering from depression

If you have any major diseases like heart disease, diabetes or kidney damage.

Types of food

Soybeans, sunflower and grain oils, peanuts, wheat germ.

Sour fruits (lemons), papaya, strawberries, tomatoes.

Seafood, especially clams, oysters.

Cereals, sunflower seeds, meat, seafood, dog umbrellas.

Oranges, cereals, greens, green leafy vegetables.

Potatoes, bananas, grains, meat.


Garlic can reduce blood clots. Finely chop the garlic and brew in a cup of milk and eat at night.


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