Beware of eating these 5 foods after eating mango as it is dangerous to the body!


Mango is the only comfort we have no matter how much summer gives us difficulty. There will be no one who does not like mangoes. It is no exaggeration to say that Indian tongues are addicted to its taste. India is the only country in the world that produces the most delicious mangoes. Abroad there will be a separate season for Indian mangoes. So what if Indians give up mangoes?

Beware of eating these 5 foods after eating mango as it is dangerous to the body!

Mangoes also have a larger fan base than mangoes. Heaven on earth will seek us out if we touch the mango with salt and salt. Likewise its drink is the best water source in summer. Although mango has many benefits, it is said that the following five foods should not be taken after eating it. It has been warned that taking it like that will cause harm to the body.

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Water: Avoid drinking water immediately after eating mango or mango. It can cause abdominal pain, stomach acidity problem and inflammation. There is no harm in drinking water half an hour after eating mango.

Do not drink water?  Why?  When?

Yogurt: Yogurt should not be taken with mangoes. This causes heat and cold to combine within the body. This in turn can lead to skin problems. Therefore, both should not be taken together or in succession as much as possible.

Cantaloupe: Do not take bitter foods immediately after eating mango. This can cause nausea, vomiting, and difficulty breathing.

Curd is good for the stomach ||  Yogurt that is good for the stomach

Spicy foods: Eating spicy or spicy foods after eating mango can cause stomach upsets. It can also cause problems in your skin and even develop acne.

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Soft drinks: Eating mangoes with cold drinks can also be harmful. Mangoes and soft drinks are high in sugar. It can increase blood sugar levels in diabetics.


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