Buy back pain, which makes you unable to sleep


Buy back pain, which makes you unable to sleep

It can be said that back pain is the reason why most people now rush to the hospital for fever. Not a dangerous disease but a disease that causes pain.

Buy back pain, which makes you unable to sleep

There are a total of 33 types of bones in the back of our body. These are the things that make us sit, run, walk and lie down.

Women are more likely to suffer from back pain and joint pain at a young age. They also suffer more from this problem after having a baby. Nothing is as effective as balm and medicine. The cause of this pain is our biological change in the first place. Let’s see how to fix this.

If you sit and work for a long time, keep a small pillow on the back of the foot in the chair. It is better to sit without falling coon. Take short walks that often arise. Change the position of the drooping legs frequently while sitting. Exercising, walking, swimming and doing yoga regularly can help prevent back pain. Can be fixed though.

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Eat organic cow’s milk, eggs, chickpeas, black sesame balls, oranges, almonds and blackberries. People with back pain can sleep with a pillow between their legs, with their legs slightly bent. Lie down on a flat mattress. Do not wear high heels. Walking and standing should be done as if both legs are equal. Only one leg should not be overweight. Do not carry a heavy bag on one shoulder only. Do not leave handbags or baby bags on one side only. If you use a handbag with a bar, the bar should be wide. For many women this can lead to back pain. It is best to wear a shoulder strap bag. Your head, shoulders and hips should be in the same straight line. You can easily get rid of back pain if you do yoga daily after learning it properly.

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Put your feet and legs on the ground wherever you sit on work and travel. Fit your hips as far as possible on the recline of the chair. Always stay upright without bending over.

Since physiotherapy training is a good solution for back pain, taking pills with the advice of a doctor will give good results. Change your habits without thinking to yourself that back pain is caused by bone loss, stem north damage. Because a normal backache is like a headache. They do not become serious if noticed early on.


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