Cheap herbs that brighten the face even when applied to a mask


face mask


If mint is applied to the skin, all the impurities in the skin will be removed and the skin will be radiant. Rub mint juice on the skin, massage for a while and wash off. Thus even if there is inflammation in the skin they will all heal.


To prevent dry skin, drink plenty of water first. This is because even if the body does not have enough fluid, dry skin can occur.


If you grind papaya rich in vitamin C and rub it on your skin or eat it, your skin will glow. Because of the enzyme papain in it, it renews dead cells and damaged cells in the skin.


turmeric powder

The traditional beauty of Indian women is to mix turmeric powder with milk and apply a mask on the face to remove dark circles and whiten the skin.

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Rice flour

To get rid of skin wrinkles, pour warm milk on rice flour, put a mask on the face, leave to dry and wash off with cold water. If you do this method twice a week, you will get good results.


Those who have pimples and acne, to get rid of it, pour yogurt on the asparagus and grind well and apply to the skin. It is best to do this twice a week.

Coconut water

If you wash your face with coconut water, the scars on the skin will start to disappear. In addition to any scars or pimple scars caused by measles, washing with coconut water will give good results.

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If you eat a cucumber daily, you can get rid of dry skin and avoid getting pimples. If not, you can grind and paste the cucumber and put the mask on.


One of the best ways to get rid of dirt on the skin is to use lemon. Also lemon can get rid of dark circles on the skin. So before going to bed at night, apply lemon juice on the skin, massage and wash, then massage the skin with any oil.


Dill can cure not only hair problems but also skin problems. Soak dill in it and grind it, add milk and turmeric powder and apply a mask to get rid of blackheads.

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Peanut flour

Rice flour is a much better beauty care product than how rice flour helps to keep the skin clean. Peanut butter mixed with rose water and applied twice a week on the neck and face to remove dead skin cells and blackheads can be easily removed.


As the pound is high in anti-bacterial substance, grind it with a little water and massage it on the face and wash it off, all the skin problems will disappear.


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