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Dry cough

Catching the spirit

If the sore throat is congested then good relief can be obtained by holding the vapor in warm water.

Easy way to get rid of cough!


To loosen mucus and mucus, drink at least eight ounces of water daily. It is also very good for physical health.

Clean nose

The nose should be cleaned frequently to prevent mucus from sticking in the throat.

Salt water

When you have a cold, add salt to warm water and gargle frequently. This will destroy the germs in the throat and clear the throat. This water should not be submerged.

Eucalyptus oil

To loosen the crust and loosen the mucus, add a little eucalyptus oil to hot water and inhale.

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Foods need attention

Avoid dairy products, meat or fried foods that increase mucus.

Herbal tea

If you drink hot herbal tea or chicken soup to cure colds, the throat will be pleasant.

turmeric powder

When there is a cold, add half a tumbler of milk and a little turmeric powder. Because turmeric powder has high antiseptic properties, when you drink it, the germs in the throat will be destroyed.

Lemon and honey

Use lemon and honey. Add two teaspoons of lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey to the hot water. Thus honey helps to soothe sore throat and lemon reduces mucus.


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