Corona attacking away, ways to lock yourself out of the house.


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Everyone works from home with Corona. In this case, the germs are more likely to enter the house. See tips on what you can do to keep your home free of germs.

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It is important to know how to keep your home safe from the corona virus. Everyone should be aware of ways to prevent germs from entering the home while isolating themselves to protect themselves from germs. Here are some tips to help you make your home a germ-free home.

Wash your hands

You may think that the corona virus does not attack from home. But after going to the shops outside, even inside the house, wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds at all times as when ordering items from home and buying online.

Whenever you touch any surface outside, you can wash your hands thoroughly at all times and avoid touching germs by touching other objects in the house. So always make it a habit to wash your hands.

Do not add dirt

Let it be trash, let it be laundry. Do not store it. Dispose of trash from time to time. Invisible to the naked eye in the trash can lower the body’s immune system. This will make it harder for you to deal with the corona infection.

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Dispose of dirty garbage immediately in celebration of dangerous germs. At least twice a day. Do not stack clothes. Do not add laundry as well as keep the house clean.

Spray with disinfectant

Even if the house is clean, clean the house with a strong disinfectant once every 6 hours. This will weaken the germs though. Do not refuse to spray disinfectant on any side of the house, especially the doors, windows, chairs, stair bars (if used) and desks.

When disinfectants are used it kills all of the germs. So spray disinfectant once every 6 to 8 hours.

Wear and clean gloves

Outdoor cleaners are not the only ones who need to wear gloves. Gloves are definitely needed when cleaning the house and outside the door.

Wearing and cleaning gloves will ensure that germs do not penetrate the hands. It is also important to remove gloves and wash your hands regularly, regardless of whether you are wearing gloves or not.

Let the sun shine into the house

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Keep the house well ventilated. Thus sunlight may penetrate into the house. There is evidence that the sun’s UV rays are often strong enough to kill viruses.

While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, Covit 19 can be extremely effective in counteracting the ill effects of diabetes. Sunlight and fresh air build up immunity in the body.

Clean the phone

Studies show that telephones carry 10 times more bacteria than toilets. So it is safe to clean the cell phone and phone you use everyday with alcohol based sanitizer.

You can wipe the phone with this. When using the phone while going outside, germs on the surface can stick to the phone.

Wash clothes in hot water

It’s nice to be safe as an instant bath when you go outside. But the clothes worn should not be discarded and collected and washed. It is also important to wash clothes in hot water and not in plain water.

Hot water analysis is important to flush out the remaining germs on clothes with regular soap liquids. This ensures that the clothes are washed. Currently there are also products that come with hot water in the washing machine.

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Dry the clothes in the sun

This is very important. Drying clothes in the sun can completely weaken the germs. By drying the clothes in the sun they will dry and be free of germs. If the fabric is wet it will promote the growth of bacteria that can cause infection. Wearing wet clothes can weaken the body’s immune system.

Not everyone uses the same thing

No matter how many people are in the house, the items used by one person should not be used by the other. Everything like a comb, towel, plates, tamper can be germinated by using it as it is after one application.

So what one person uses should be cleaned, dried and used after another person uses it. This should not be neglected for any reason.


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