Corona: Eating onions uncooked can boost immunity!


Nutritionists say that eating onions raw and uncooked can boost the body’s immune system.

Corona: Eating onions uncooked can boost immunity!

The biggest problem is the weakening of the immune system during the corona period. Even more so after corona treatment the immune system is completely compromised due to excess steroid. Due to this the incidence of black fungal infections is increasing.

Corona: Eating onions uncooked can boost immunity!

The concern of many is how to boost the body’s immune system in this condition. For this, people have started taking vitamin C and zinc tablets and are trying Siddha, Ayurvedic medicines, herbs and infusions.

In fact many of us have forgotten that many of the ingredients in our home kitchen boost immunity. One of the most important is onion. It is high in Vitamin B Complex Vitamins (B9, B6). These play an important role in the body’s metabolism. It contains five different flavonoids and antioxidants. In particular, the antioxidant quercetin in it reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system.

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The sulfur in it prevents the sudden rise in blood sugar level and reduces the chance of getting diabetes. The fiber in it helps in controlling the appetite and keeping the sugar level in the body under control.

Eating an onion every day is enough to improve the immune system. Onion salad can be eaten for lunch or dinner. Add a little tomato and yoghurt to the salad with onions and you will get extra benefits!


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