Corona for 69 vaccinated paramedics … but not serious!


Sixty-nine people have been infected with the corona vaccine for medical staff, including doctors and nurses at a private hospital. But no one was reported injured.

Corona for 69 vaccinated paramedics ... but not serious!
Corona for 69 vaccinated paramedics ... but not serious!

Many say that the vaccine is the only solution to prevent the spread of corona. A lot of information is being released as it is accepted. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says corona infections can become a very rare infection if everyone is vaccinated. In this case, the news has come out that those who have been vaccinated in an Indian hospital will be infected so they will not be affected.

The Delhi Apollo Hospital employs more than a hundred doctors, nurses and paramedics. They are being vaccinated against corona. Many have been vaccinated twice. Some are waiting for the second installment. The hospital management said that 69 paramedics who had been vaccinated had contracted corona.

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The virus that causes the most serious infection with double mutation (B.1.617.2) is present in 48% of people. They do not have a major impact, however.

Of these 69, 51 were vaccinated twice. The remaining 18 were vaccinated only the first installment. Even so, corona infection has occurred.

At the same time only two people were admitted to the hospital and received treatment. That too is only normal treatment. They do not need oxygen, ICU, ventilator etc.

They were not greatly affected by the corona vaccine. Anupam Sibal, the hospital ‘s medical director, said it was significant that they had not been severely affected by the double-stranded coronavirus.

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