Corona infection that empties the immune system for 6 months!


A new study has found that 20 to 30 percent of patients with coronary heart disease have a completely weakened immune system for at least six months.

People with coronavirus had fever and lung problems. Following that, studies showed that evidence was found that every part of the body, including the heart, kidneys, brain, and eyes, was affected. Currently, 20 to 30 percent of infected people have a completely weakened immune system for six to seven months, according to a new study. This fact was discovered in a study conducted by the Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology.

Anurag Agarwal, director of the institute, said, “This study is considered important in the context of the rapid spread of the second wave in India. This research is ongoing. Currently a large number of people are being vaccinated. It is hoped that this will prevent further casualties.

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A study by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) last September found that only 10 percent of people develop an anti-corona antibody. Following that, we received and examined the blood of corona patients at intervals of three, five, and six months. This study was conducted to determine the extent of their anti-body. Shockingly, we found that 20 percent of people had a completely reduced immune system. Others have been found to be less effective in preventing or destroying the corona virus. ”

Of the 10,437 people who took part in the study, 1,058 were anti-body positive last September. Of these, 175 were constantly monitored. 31 of them were found to have decreased neutralizing activity that inhibits corona. This year, the study was conducted in 17 states across the country, according to researchers.

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