Corona period atrocities -Ways to overcome


Many people suffer from the effects of the Corona virus, such as fear and depression.

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As important as corona infection prevention is, maintaining mental health during times of infection is also very important. This is because isolation is necessary to get rid of the infection.

Those who are so isolated are more likely to suffer from depression because they have no contact with others. Depression occurs when you think of the uncertain periods you may face. Depression is just like any other illness which just needs full support from the family.

Did we do the hand washing correctly? Did you wear the face mask properly? When in doubt, try to do the same thing over and over again. Being isolated and unable to meet other relatives can lead to frustration at not being able to get their advice. Suicidal ideation prevails when it intensifies.

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If sneezing or coughing occurs naturally, it is feared that this is a sign of corona. Relying on internet usage in these times can lead to inability to get rid of it and unacceptable mood if there is any disruption to it. Problems such as depression and insomnia develop in response to the negative events that have passed during this calamity.

Meditate, worship, pray together and be with family. Consider spending time with family as a precious time. The idea that this too will pass in times of stress should prevail. Use melodic music, inspiring songs, and good books.

Doing so can relieve the stress that the corona gives.

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