Corona risk is the same for all blood type cars! – Information in the study


Corona spread is less common in people with certain blood types. But, a report went viral on social media that corona is actively spreading to people with certain types of blood. It was also reported in many leading media outlets. Based on this, the scientists who conducted the study said that this was misinformation.

It has been previously reported that corona is more prevalent in people with type A blood. It has also been suggested that corona spread is less common in people with certain blood types. However, it has been shown that there is no association between blood type and corona distribution.

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A study of the relationship between blood types and corona proliferation has been published in the medical journal JAMA Network. The study was led by Dr. Jeffrey Anderson, a researcher at the Heart Institute of the Utah Intermountain Medical Center in the United States.

The study included 24 hospitals and 215 clinics in the state of Utah. Blood samples from 11,500 corona-infected patients treated here were taken for analysis. They studied whether A-positive, A-negative, B-positive, B-negative, O-positive and AB-positive blood types were more likely to be infected with corona.

There is no evidence in this study that coronavirus is more prevalent in these blood types and that they are the most severely affected. Based on this they have come to the conclusion that there is no link between blood type and the spread of corona infection.

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Coronary heart disease can affect anyone. There is nothing that makes people of this blood type less likely to develop corona. At the same time its impact on the elderly is serious. Therefore, the elderly should take precautions to reduce the risk of corona exposure, the researchers said.


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