Corona: Things steroid takers need to know!


Steroid drugs have been used extensively to save the lives of patients admitted to hospitals with corona second wave and life-threatening conditions. Overdose of steroids can cause high blood sugar levels and fungal infections.

Corona: Things steroid takers need to know!
Corona: Things steroid takers need to know!

Doctors say the steroid has helped save patients suffering from oxygen deprivation. They are said to cause a number of side effects due to a lack of awareness about the steroid used as the most important tool to prevent infection.

The lungs are most severely affected due to corona infection. Infection attacks the lung cells and causes the lungs to become inflamed. Steroid drugs supplemented to control the inflammation and fight the infection. Steroid drugs do not cure corona. However, the inflammation of the lung cells caused by the corona helped to heal.

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It is best to avoid taking steroid medications after that. Do not take steroid medications unless prescribed by a doctor. Patients with mild coronary heart disease do not need to take steroids. Patients with moderate to severe exposure should only take steroids if the disease is severe enough to cause shortness of breath.

If a person with corona infection also has diabetes he should be very careful. They need to constantly monitor their blood sugar levels. Changes in the body, especially headaches, eye pain, pain in the face, redness of the eye should be reported to the doctor.

People taking steroids may have high blood sugar levels, insomnia, mood swings, irritability, indigestion, heartburn, weight gain, and feelings of hunger. Therefore, caution should be exercised if there are any such symptoms. Do not stop taking steroids if you notice these symptoms. The doctor will decide it!

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