Corona virus, a new variant of the new … What to do to escape?


The first wave of the corona virus killed a large number of people in countries such as Iran, the United Kingdom, Spain and the United States. Mortality increased due to lack of oxygen and lack of ventilator support. At that time, there was no shortage of oxygen in India. Videos of patients dancing at Corona Quarantine Centers all went viral on social media.

Corona virus, a new variant of the new ... What to do to escape?
Corona virus, a new variant of the new ... What to do to escape?

Many were indifferent about it when warned of the coming of the second wave. Despite warnings to be careful because the transformed corona is where the 2nd wave will not come at all, we tossed the first wave and the second wave thought that everything from the rulers to the common people was not a problem at all.

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However, the corona virus spreads faster than the previous virus and can cause more infections. Corona showed her cruelty by turning the situation upside down in minutes and causing suffocation for those who thought they could fix it from home.

Experts warn that a more modified corona virus is now coming. They warn that it could be many times more malignant than the current malignant virus. The only solution would be to protect ourselves in this environment.

Scientists warn that the next virus could have a major impact on children. They say it is frightening to think of the extent to which the virus can cause harm because it is more virulent than the current virus. It is estimated that there will be an environment in which the spread of the virus will almost never be prevented.

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To protect ourselves in this environment we can avoid getting infected by avoiding going to the area where coronary infection is most prevalent, avoiding going out unnecessarily, going with dual mask protection when going out, changing the same mask constantly, following social gaps, and cleaning our hands with disinfectant from time to time.

They say to avoid going to a place where it is mainly crowded. Also, if we are confirmed to have a corona infection we cannot confirm what kind of virus it is. By not leaving the house for 15 – 20 days after treatment in that environment we can prevent the corona spread from happening to us.

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