Corona virus that hunts not only the body and mind but also the sex life!


People infected with the corona virus develop lung damage and lack of oxygen. Corona takes the lives of those who are not treated in a timely manner. Studies show that even after recovering from the corona, the damage to the internal organs of the body such as the brain, eyes, heart, liver and kidneys can have various after-effects.

Corona virus that hunts not only the body and mind but also the sex life!
Corona virus that hunts not only the body and mind but also the sex life!

We know how much the body is affected due to corona infection. The mind is greatly affected by the changes in work and life due to the corona, the economic losses caused by it, and the problems encountered during treatment. It has been revealed that it can affect a person’s sex life, both physically and mentally.

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It has been found that the erectile dysfunction of a male with a corona infection is up to six times lower than usual. This has been reported to cause erectile dysfunction in men.

The Miller School of Medicine in Miami, USA, is conducting a study on erectile dysfunction in men with coronavirus infection in the United States. A study of their marital status up to seven months after a corona infection found that they had an erection problem.

Sexual health among Indians is all about physical health, mental health, emotions, community, spiritual impact. Thus Indians are reluctant to talk much about this. At the same time, doctors say, several studies have confirmed the damage.

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Raman Tiwari, an oncologist and urologist from Gurugram, said, “Covit is a problem for men. A type of plaque has formed in the blood vessels leading to the male reproductive tract due to Govt infection. It has been found to affect the blood vessels and cause erectile dysfunction.

This is not to say that the impact will be on everyone. At the same time, after the corona positive, if the survivors feel that there is a defect in the marital life, it is better to consult an oncologist immediately. ”


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