Corona, which seems to be lurking at least, has many crossroads to keep from falling on us.


In the second wave of corona, although the number of infections in the country is declining, the incidence is still in the millions. During this wave, a large number of people became infected. However, one thing that is reassuring is that a large number of people are recovering.

Corona, which seems to be lurking at least, has many crossroads to keep from falling on us.

Although the corona has healed from the infection, for the most part, people are said to be more prone to fatigue and feel weaker. In this case, we can escape the next wave if we follow the precautionary measures to prevent the ambushing corona from falling on us.

1. Unlimited sugar

2. Obesity

3. Cholesterol

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4. High blood pressure

Etc. should be minimized immediately.

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At one time obesity was seen as a sign of a prosperous life. But obesity leads to the development of various types of cancer. Fat accumulation around the liver can lead to a variety of diseases, including digestive problems.

Obesity was rare during wars and famines. But today I eat 3 meals a day and eat fatty foods like pizza and burger.

Obesity-related deaths are low in Africa, where the poor live the most. Obesity causes 49 percent of heart disease, 38 percent of respiratory diseases, and 19 percent of cancer.

It has been studied that corona infection poses a high risk of death in people with high blood pressure and diabetes. But people with corona infection and obesity are just as at risk. Data for this are currently available. They are more likely to be taken to the intensive care unit and ventilation.

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Heredity, eating habits, and exercise are closely linked to obesity. According to India, it is a country that eats high carbohydrate foods and is lazy. We think that high fat diet is the cause of obesity. But the first enemy is sugar. Ice cream, soft drinks and cakes are good for obesity.

There may be fasting to get rid of obesity. You can do physical exercises like cycling and walking. Eat only low calorie foods.

Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals should be included in the diet. Fruits and vegetables should be included.

If you follow these, you can achieve a healthy physical condition.

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