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It is important to increase sperm count to become a male father.


Almonds are rich in nutrients such as fiber and magnesium. These nutrients increase masculinity and lead to ‘long’ sexual intercourse. Continuing to take the foot will significantly increase the number of sperm. There is no substitute for the fact that it increases the quality of every sperm.

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Eggs are a great help in increasing the number of sperm and keeping the sperm from diluting. The protein and vitamin E in eggs help to prevent sperm from multiplying. Therefore, the sperm will secrete in greater numbers as it is not affected. This will pave the way for the baby to develop.

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One study found that taking pomegranate juice daily increased sperm count without dehydration. The anti-oxidant nutrients in pomegranate regulate blood flow and stimulate the cells in it. Without these nutrients, the body’s blood flow is affected and the quality of sperm is reduced. It is noteworthy that pomegranate contains vitamin C.


Greens contain folic acid, also known as vitamin B9. It makes way for a natural increase in masculinity. If you regularly add good spinach to your diet, men will not have the problem of having a baby. It also stimulates the couple’s sexual activity. Lettuce is the top of all.

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drumstick tree leaves

Frequent addition of drumstick spinach and flowers to the diet will solve the problem of bad taste in the tongue. You can grind drumsticks and drink it with milk and cashew nuts. Doing this for 48 consecutive days will increase the likelihood of a marital relationship. Drumstick spinach or flower powder mixed with honey can be eaten to increase manhood. Thus the love between husband and wife will increase.

Also broccoli, walnuts, garlic, tomatoes, bananas, dark chocolate and some other foods naturally increase manhood, making sperm more powerful and loading the dose to the householder. We hope all of the above information is helpful.


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