Diet and Herbs to Avoid Summer Heat Impact – Foods!


Body temperature also increases during the summer. The hypothalamus raises our body temperature to deal with excess heat. It is better to drink a little more water in summer to face excess heat. Let’s take a look at the foods to take to keep the body cool this summer!

Cooldrinks are natural juices that help control body temperature in the summer. Rich in nutrients and minerals, young water retains body hydration. Prevents heat damage that can occur in the body.

Simple herbal mint available all season. Drinks made with fresh mint leaves, such as tea, provide cooling to the body. Mint also helps to eliminate toxins in the body.

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Vitamin C in gooseberry helps in cooling the body and digestive tract. For those who do not like to bite into raw gooseberries, there is nothing wrong with taking a glass of gooseberry juice daily!

Water whey isolates excess heat from the body. Absolutely it is also a probiotics drink. Not only this, it is also rich in vitamins and minerals which provide energy to the body.

Buttermilk drinkers can get more benefit by soaking a little dill in it and drinking it. If not, just put a little dill in your mouth and swallow. The body reaches cooling. Lemon juice also helps to alleviate the summer heat.

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If you buy sandalwood and rub it well on the skin, you will get rid of skin problems due to heat. The body also cools down.

Drinking cactus juice in summer can help control body temperature. Also cactus will make the skin achieve cooling. Ensuring that the skin gets the moisture it needs.

It is best to wear loose light colored cotton clothing in summer. Do not wear synthetic clothing. It is better to avoid spicy, oily foods and meat.

It is best to avoid coffee, caffeinated beverages, carbonated beverages, and alcohol.


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