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2020 was the worst year for everyone. Various difficulties such as job loss, wage hike, pay cut, price hike, interest on bank EMI following lockdown. There is no accounting for those whose income has been affected by the curfew and who have not been able to receive timely treatment.

At this point 2021 was born with new hope. With the introduction of the corona vaccine, the hope that the situation would gradually improve seemed in everyone’s mind. Correspondingly, the corona distribution was moving towards zero.

The corona vaccine was first given to frontline staff. Nothing major except a few mishaps. Everything was going naturally. In this condition the corona spread has picked up speed again in March. There is also a growing demand for corona vaccination for all.

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Everyone is hopeful that if everyone gets the corona vaccine then the corona can live without fear. The fact is that many questions about the corona have not yet been answered.

When will the corona vaccine be available to everyone in India, whether the current two-dose vaccine alone will prevent the corona vaccine, whether this one vaccine will be enough from time to time, or whether the booster vaccine will be given every year, and whether the vaccine will prevent the corona vaccine from spreading to some people without showing any symptoms. The questions are many.

The reality is that vaccination can take years to complete. There are reports that there is currently a shortage of vaccines. Further studies on the vaccine are ongoing. Only when they are complete will our questions be answered.

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The researchers’ answer is that virus mutation does not affect the effectiveness of the vaccine. Therefore, they say do not hesitate to get vaccinated today.

Some people avoid the vaccine because they experience side effects such as headaches, fever, and body aches. Vaccination can prevent the risk of death. And because the vaccine can prevent the spread of corona to others, researchers say, we can save the lives of our loved ones, loved ones, and others. Just follow the doctor’s guidelines to avoid side effects!


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