Do not wait for shortness of breath …


Hundreds of patients have begun to congregate in Tamil Nadu hospitals with suffocation. They are unable to receive timely treatment due to lack of oxygen and ICU bed facilities. Thus the death toll has begun to rise. The news kept coming that so many patients died in that hospital and so many patients died in this district hospital.

Do not wait for shortness of breath ...
Do not wait for shortness of breath ...

It is a good idea to get a corona test done as soon as you have a corona infection, and if necessary, have a CT scan to see if there is any infection in the lungs. We are healthy, so many people carelessly leave so that we will not be the biggest cause of death.

If you have a fever for more than two days, it is better to go to the hospital immediately and get tested. Take the pill prescribed by the doctor regularly. Along with this, it is better to take traditional paranormal medicines like Kapusura drinking water and Nilavempu kashayam on prescription basis. It is a good idea to buy an oximeter and test the oxygen level in the breath if possible. Doctors say it is better to be 90 to 100. However, if you are under 94, it is best to seek medical help immediately. It is better to seek medical help and protect ourselves when we are under 90 and before we go to the hospitals after suffocation, when we are somewhat better.

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Do not get tense for any reason. The corona can be treated in hospitals with normal beds when it is relatively well. The pill and medicine they give there will cure us in a few days. After that it will be sufficient to return home and continue self-isolation for the next 15 days.

In the current context, it is better not to use the oximeter and thermometer used by the corona patient at home. Those who cannot afford to buy one for the corona patient at home and the other for others can take some precautionary measures and then use the same thermometer and oximeter.

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The corona patient should be told to put soap and wash his hands thoroughly before calculating the oxygen level with an oximeter. Wash your hands thoroughly, wipe with a clean cloth, and dry your finger with an oximeter to determine the level of oxygen. It is better to soak the disinfectant in a cloth after he has used it, clean the oximeter well and then use the others. Others should follow hand washing with soap and sanitizer after using the oximeter.

Corona deaths can be prevented if we are vigilant and vigilant without waiting for the disease to intensify!


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