Do you know what kind of disease does not come for walking enthusiasts like this?


So many days you have gone for regular walking. But naturopaths say that if you go for walking like eight, you can protect yourself from many diseases.

Eight forms of walking can be done by those who are sick and those who are not sick. Choose a place in your house or on the terrace. Then draw a line 6 by 12 feet or 8 by 16 feet. You can draw 8 shapes inside that rectangle.

It should be south to north. In the morning or evening, you can start your walk on top of that 8-shaped line standing towards the north, men should start on the right arm side, women on the left arm side.

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Then after arriving at the starting point, continue on the same route for 21 minutes. Then stand facing south at the other end and do a similar 21 minute hand well fan walk at moderate speed. Do the same for a total of 42 minutes.


Foot irritation due to diabetes, hemorrhoids, northerly nostrils, medial nostrils are great for rejuvenation. Reduce joint pain problem. Great for thigh area strength. Impotence, ovarian failure, diabetes, sperm cell deficiency, liver and spleen deficiency and pregnancy defect will be eliminated. Blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, and weight gain begin to occur.

Go for a walk like eight and fly like a sparrow.

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