Do you know where to go first when you come across “Hello Corona Positive”?


Every day millions of people across the country are affected by the second wave of the corona virus.

"Hello Corona Positive" Do you know where you need to go first?

As the number of victims is increasing day by day, people are in a state of panic as well, every day people are coming back from corona infection.

And to control this, doctors recommend eating healthy foods that are good for our immune system.

The biggest mistake most people make with getting corona positive is not approaching a specialist who specializes in corona virus treatment. Even if the symptoms you experience are similar to other infections, only by consulting a corona doctor can he prescribe and prescribe medication for you according to the symptoms.

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"Hello Corona Positive" Do you know where you need to go first?

So consult a specialist and get the right guidelines and get back on track as soon as possible.

Many people get tested late because the symptoms of corona are confusing. Delayed testing and diagnosis is one of the main reasons for worsening the condition of healthy corona patients.

Since many people experience a lack of oxygen in the second wave of the corona, it is important to monitor the level of oxygen in the body.

Even if there is a slight fluctuation in the level of oxygen in the body, you should report this to your doctor immediately. Similarly, if the fever does not go down for 7 days, it is also a warning sign. In this condition it is necessary for the patients to observe their symptoms once in an hour / 2 hours.

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Corona patients, especially those with diabetes and high blood pressure, need to have their blood sugar and blood pressure levels monitored frequently.

As the number of corona patients increases, the covit test results of some may be slightly delayed.

For that, it is definitely not the best way to start treatment and not be alone until the test results come out. What is currently being advised is that patients who suspect the presence of Govt should isolate themselves and seek guidance from a physician from the outset.

Following a doctor’s advice early on can prevent the corona condition from getting worse.
Individuals affected by coronavirus should also seek isolated medical treatment, realizing that it can spread to others.

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