Do you suffer from not being able to be a mother ?. We told the twins the way to bed and live in Ketha


What do twins give birth to if they eat?

Want twins like leopard cubs? Then you should like and eat tubers like sugarcane and cassava. The natural nutrients in it make it possible for twins to be born. Also, foods rich in iron, calcium and zinc can increase the chance of twins. Some of these nutrients are almonds, pears and oranges.

What to do to give birth to twins?  What to eat?

Artificial insemination:

When artificial insemination, such as IVF, is performed, the chances of having twins are natural. This opportunity becomes even easier when the uterus produces more than one egg. So, those who think they want twins can try this treatment.

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If contraception is stopped:

If you are taking birth control pills or contraceptives, you are more likely to have twins if you try to conceive after stopping it. Once the contraceptive pill is stopped, more eggs are formed. Having sex at such times will definitely increase the chances of twins being born. Give it a try. Definitely get the Twins.

Also possible with pills:

If you decide you want to have twins, take folic acid related pills right from the start. It is best to take a certain amount in the name of the doctor’s recommendation. These folic acid pills are believed to increase the chance of twins being born. Also pills like Chlamyd make the potential for twins easier. Trying this without a doctor’s recommendation can cause side effects! So watch out people!

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