Do you want to see if the child is not a gunner?

Every mother wants her baby to be fat. So when feeding her baby, give her only what she needs. Don’t let them drink too much food without it. Here are some tips to help your baby stay lean and healthy.

child food tips in tamil


We need to give rice to our children at the right time because rice has calories and starch. It provides our children with the nutrients they need. . There is a lot of nutrients in our home made asparagus. So we give home food items that are good for the health of our children.


This calcium is essential for the growth of our children. It is this calcium that provides the nutrients our baby’s bones need. So we need to drink foods that are high in calcium. Wheat and nuts are high in calcium.

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Vegetables are high in fiber and vitamins that our children need. Vitamin D and Vitamin A are essential for our children.


Giving our children bananas gives them the nutrients they need. The vitamins in bananas help our children gain the weight they need. .

Calorie nutrients:

We can make up for the calories our children need by giving them sugar beets and potatoes. It is also high in calories. And the vitamins in it help to boost the immunity of our children.

Fatty nutrients:

We can provide our children with the essential nutrients through yogurt and ghee in our home. Giving ghee to our children will make our children fatter.

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Dairy products:

Usually babies like milk. We give our children a tumbler of milk every day so they get the nutrients they need. And by giving fruits and milk-based foods, our children get the right amount of nutrients

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