For natural foods that protect the skin!



Everyone wants to have radiant, smooth skin. The use of continental chemicals for this purpose is increasing. Learn about the five foods you need to take regularly to get beautiful skin!

Umbrella Chili

Umbrella chili is very low in calories. Some people even take it raw. Green, yellow and red wedges are high in vitamin C. It stimulates the production of collagen in the skin. Prevents skin damage and removes wrinkles. The nutrients in it help to keep the skin young.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate increases blood flow to the skin. Thus the skin gets more moisture and nutrients. These make the skin glow. The antioxidants in it help to flush out the toxins in the body. The flavonoids and antioxidants in it make the skin soft. Dark chocolate has more antioxidants than red wine.

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Green Tea

Green tea has the ability to flush out toxins in the body. The skin gets radiance and health by flushing out the toxins that have accumulated in the skin.


Seeds including sunflower, blackberries, and pumpkin are high in essential fatty acids. This gives us more vitamin E, which protects the skin. It improves the health of the skin.


Low in calories but delicious fruit is papaya. It has the ability to expel toxins in our body. Vitamins C, E and beta carotene in it rejuvenate the skin. The lycopene in papaya removes wrinkles on the skin. The chymopapain in it prevents problems including acne.


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