For those who have shortness of breath and speech impediment, come and find honey remedies


For those who have shortness of breath and speech stuttering, come and find honey remedies

Asthma is the leading cause of shortness of breath. This is because of a blockage in the airway. Shortness of breath is caused by these not carrying enough air to the lungs. People with this problem may experience shortness of breath followed by coughing, restlessness, and chest tightness.

Shortness of breath can occur even if there is a blood clot in the lungs. This condition is called pulmonary embolism. Tissues in the lungs are affected by blood clots. In addition to shortness of breath, they may experience symptoms such as chest pain, extreme tiredness, and bleeding during coughing. This can be detected by pulmonary angiography and scans.

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Chest mucus treatment

Shortness of breath can occur when a person is unable to pump enough blood to send enough oxygen to the heart. These can even lead to heart attack problem at times. Some people may have this problem due to a defect in the airway system. Apart from these, tension, fear, allergies, etc. can also cause difficulty in breathing


Honey is a natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. Mix honey with warm water and drink it well to reduce the symptoms. This prevents infections. Destroys bacteria that lead to coughs and shortness of breath.

A 2017 study found that drinking honey mixed with warm water twice a day helps relieve sore throat. You can mix a pinch of cinnamon powder in hot water mixed with honey.

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Catching steam

Inhalation of hot or humid air can destroy the sinuses. Help open the airbags.

Pour the water into a wide bowl and wrap the cloth around the head and pull out the steam. Mint or basil leaves in water will get the effect fast by catching the spirit. Mint oil has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. It can also relieve shortness of breath and other respiratory problems. This will help you to function better by taking deep breaths. Reducing the symptoms of suffocation.


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