From Korana in the neighborhood, if you have a ‘buck’, drink this one ‘cup.


From Korana in the neighborhood, if you have a 'buck', drink this one 'cup.

The Ayurvedic medical expert advises you to control this at home without fear when your neighbors have corona infection and you have a cold cough.

Corona (Representational Image)

Fever tincture

Fever tincture:

Ginger – a small piece,

Pepper – half a teaspoon,

Cumin – 1 tbsp,

Lemon juice -1 tbsp

Bring water to a boil, add ginger and then add cumin and let it boil till it is one-fourth full. When dying, add pepper and lemon juice and drink. These boost the body’s immune system and greatly reduce the symptoms of whooping cough and infection.

Symptoms of corona such as fever and headache require medical advice and prior isolation. In the name of the doctor’s recommendation can be taken kapasurak drinking water, ground tincture, etc.

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Home remedies for colds and flu can be done as a hot compress. If you have a common cold or flu, you may be cured of any of these. Steam in hot water for 15 minutes twice a week.


Herbal Tea:

We know basil tea. Plays a very important role in Ayurvedic herb. It is also very easy to use. Add a handful of basil in a liter of water and add a teaspoon of crushed pepper when they are reduced to four parts. Then boil it again, add the sweet jam, lemon juice, strain it and drink it down the throat.

It can be taken twice daily for the first two or three days, especially when there is fever, cold, sore throat and chest cold.

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Our diet plays an important role in fighting diseases. Drinking turmeric powder in milk daily will boost the body’s immune system. You can also take chilli tincture and messenger chutney.

Cumin and lobster eliminate digestive disorders. Dill is the best medicine for stomach ache. It is good to include more greens, vegetables and fruits in the diet to boost the body’s immune system. These vaccines will protect us from going to the hospital. ”


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