From the corona to the palatable lungs of the healed, pleasant foods


From the corona to the palatable lungs of the healed, pleasant foods

People recovering from corona are said to be experiencing severe weakness and lethargy symptoms. This may be due to the fact that their lungs and many organs have become overheated due to over-medication.

For the attention of those who suffer from corona and are lonely at home!  Food list for you

Adequate nutrients should be available to the body to avoid this. You just have to choose the right foods and eat them.

Nutritionists recommend a few foods in this regard. Now let’s see what they are.

Wake up in the morning and eat soaked almonds and raisins. Soaking the nuts while eating makes it easier to chew and easier to break easily by the body. And because almonds are soaked and eaten, they release the enzyme lipase, which helps digest fats more easily.

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Consumption of ragi dosa during breakfast will help in dealing with the weak digestive tract. Frequent consumption of ragi porridge improves health. It is also high in iron, which can help improve the body’s metabolism and increase the number of red blood cells.

Jaggery and ghee should be eaten after lunch. Because both jaggery and ghee will do a better job of cleansing the body by flushing out toxins in the body. It is also high in calcium and vitamin K, which promote and strengthen bone health.

It’s good to have dinner. This is because when you do this with a complete protein-rich diet, as well as with vegetables, you get the fiber and anti-oxidants your body needs.

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In addition to drinking enough water, you should also drink beverages such as sorbet and whey. These help in maintaining the balance of fluid in the body and help in smooth digestion in summer.

Nilavempu kashayam

Earthworm infusion made from the juice of nine powerful herbs helps in boosting the immune system and promotes good health.

It is definitely available in the form of tablets and powders at your local pharmacy or Ayurvedic pharmacy.

Drink hot drinks four to five times a day. It can be just plain hot water or you can add a little coriander or mint in it or even add a pinch of turmeric or a little lemon juice and make it a habit to drink.

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