Give this to the child so that he does not get colds, fever and fear of coronavirus.


Give this to the child so that he does not get colds, fever and fear of coronavirus.

All the lentils on the grocery list such as lentils, mustard lentils, sea lentils and lentils are suitable for children to eat every day. In addition to these, soybeans can be added to lentils, rajma, legumes, peanuts, peas as a daily variety. Do not allow children to spend even a day without these legumes.


It is best to give spinach to growing children daily, or at least two days a week. It is rich in iron, vitamins and mineral salts that improve health and prevent anemia.


Be sure to include vegetables on your children’s plate. Mainly, dark colored vegetables like beetroot, eggplant, carrots, turmeric and green chillies, turmeric. Beans, cabbage and mushrooms are very good. Make a soup of these vegetables and give them to drink in the morning or evening to increase the ‘Resistance Power’. Mutton and lentil soup is a good choice for non-vegetarian children.

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The anti-bacteria in yoghurt prevents harmful bacteria from coming in, thus cleansing the intestines and helping to keep the body healthy without getting stomach infections. Children who do not like yogurt can drink a tumbler of whey.


Nuts such as almonds, pistachios, walnuts and dried fruits such as raisins and pears can be given to children regularly so that the immune system develops steadily. These are high in protein, minerals and vitamins. All of these can be fried in ghee, made into balls or mixed with milk and fed to children.


Frequently added to children’s diet, fish. Fish is high in protein and contains a type of acid called ‘omega 3’. It helps to prevent any disease in the body and helps in brain development by avoiding visual impairment. So, give fish to children at least once a week.

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Cereals such as rye, corn, wheat, ragi, and lentils can all be mixed and powdered and given to children as porridge, bread or dosa. Excess fiber and zinc in them will protect the body from infections.


The most important food to give to growing children is eggs. It is high in protein which helps the body organs to grow and the tissues to regenerate. Boiled eggs are high in vitamin D, which helps strengthen bones and teeth.

Generally, children are better off if they are fed the foods available in their respective seasons. Moreover, such seasonal fruits can reduce immunity deficiency.

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Whole grains
Foods such as legumes and whole grains should be given in large quantities to children. Thus their metabolism will work smoothly. Also, whole grains often help boost body growth. Its role in the daily diet is essential.


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