Giving it a try will save your baby from getting sick


Giving it a try will save your baby from getting sick

When the child is an adult, an almond can be eaten. After that the number can be gradually increased as the child ages. But do not give more than half in the initial stage.

Almond Benefits: From Baby to Adults!

This is because the baby is unable to digest it and thus the baby is more likely to have stomach related problems. So giving the baby in moderation will keep the baby healthy. And its brain development occurs in a special way.

The amount of nutrients that almonds are rich in

Energy 2423 KJ (579 calories)

21.6 grams of carbohydrates

49.9 grams of fat

21.2 grams per gram of protein

264 mg of calcium

Vitamin A.

Vitamin E

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Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin B6 and many more

What are the benefits of almonds for children?

There are various benefits to almonds, so you need to know why you are giving these to your children. Eating almonds increases the strength of the brain. Mixing powdered almonds with milk and drinking it daily is likely to increase the amount of nutrients in the baby’s body. It is said that drinking milk mixed with almonds in winter improves the physical and mental health of the baby. And the baby’s body gets the strength to withstand the cold.

Brain development

The protein in almonds increases the brain’s ability to move. Also increases memory and brain power. Corrects defects in the cells of the baby’s brain and makes them smarter.

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Strengthens bones

Drinking almond milk strengthens the baby’s bones. This milk provides extra vitamin D to the baby. As vitamin D is available, the calcium needed for the baby’s bones is easily absorbed. Almond milk protects against arthritis and osteoporosis in children

Resistance increases

It is normal for children to have colds and coughs during the winter. By giving almond milk to the baby daily at this time, they can boost their body’s immune system. Babies can easily become infected in winter by consuming this milk.

The eyes get healthier

Vitamin A rich in almonds is very essential for the growth of the eyes. Eating this will not cause eye problems in children. The eye reaches the sharpness of vision.

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Get healthy skin

Vitamin E in almonds protects against skin diseases and helps to retain moisture in the skin. This is something that benefits not only children but also adults. Almonds help in relieving problems like skin ulcers and blisters.


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