Green Tea, Green Coffee, Black Coffee… Which is better for weight loss?


There are a variety of teas available for tea lovers: Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Silver Tea, Dust Tea, Black Tea and Ginger Tea. As well as coffee there are some varieties called Black Coffee, Green Coffee. Green tea is recommended for those who want to lose weight. They say that green coffee is better than green tea.

Green Tea, Green Coffee, Black Coffee… Which is better for weight loss?

Let’s see what’s special about it.

Green Tea, Green Coffee, Black Coffee… Which is better for weight loss?

Green Tea:

Green tea contains the antioxidant Catechin. It speeds up the body’s metabolism and helps dissolve excess fat.

It also contains Vitamin B Complex, Magnesium and Flavonoids which help in lowering cholesterol. It also protects against Alzheimer’s disease, which is a debilitating disease.

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It is recommended that you take no more than two cups of green tea daily. Green tea is considered to be the best drink to drink on an empty stomach in the morning. Moderate daily consumption of green tea is good for weight loss and good health.

Black Coffee:

For many, the day starts with hot coffee in the morning. The full benefits of coffee are not available when drinking milk and sugar. Thus many people are switching to black coffee without milk and sugar. Drinking black coffee also speeds up the body’s metabolic process.

Stimulates the metabolism of caffeine, which is abundant in black coffee. Various studies suggest that approximately 3 to 11 percent stimulate metabolism and help dissolve unwanted fat.

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Nutritionists recommend not drinking more than two cups of black coffee a day. Drinking black coffee twice a day in the morning and afternoon can help you lose weight.

Green coffee:

Following the popularity of green tea, green coffee is now gaining popularity. Green coffee is made from roasted coffee beans. The chlorogenic acid in it multiplies the metabolic function of the body. Drinking green coffee for 12 consecutive weeks will dissolve excess body fat. Very suitable for diabetics. Helps to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Wrinkles on the skin due to aging reduce the chances of developing various ailments including dementia.

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Green coffee, green tea and black coffee all help to reduce body weight. However, green tea is high in nutrients. So, it is good to know what we need!


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