Grow this plant now so that it does not get exposed to the oxygen in the virus waves

Ada thigh, which is a plant and a tree, is full of herbal qualities. Oxygen levels are higher where these are abundant. That is why it is called Adatodai Life Herb.
Grow this plant now so that it does not get exposed to the oxygen in the virus waves

For physical fatigue, muscle cramps, pain, etc., you can pluck the leaves and drink the decoction. Not only this, it also helps in keeping the lungs healthy by expelling the mucus from the lungs. In case of occasional cold in small children, the leaves should be dried and powdered. Dilute a quarter teaspoon of Adatodai powder in half a teaspoon of honey and apply on the tongue. Thus keeping the lungs healthy and strong.

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Not only this, with the help of blood thinners, menstrual cramps, postpartum hemorrhage and even strengthening of the uterus, menstrual cramps can be very helpful.

For common cold, you can mix Adathodai, Tulsi, Sukku, Pepper, Thippili and Dutuvalai in boiling water and drink it.

The Awesomeness of Adathodai

It is a good first aid for all types of phlegm related diseases like colds, nasal congestion, sore throat, chest phlegm, allergies and asthma.

Infusion preparation method.

Adatodai leaf 8- or Adatodai decoction powder is available in the shop, take a large spoonful of Atula and boil it in a tumbler of water and fry it for half a tumbler. This filtered brew, three times before meals, will disappear from the place where the cottage was cold for two days.

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