Having these symptoms means that your body is depleted of oxygen


The country is paralyzed by the intensity of the second wave of the Corona. Corona patients are suffering severely from lack of oxygen. Oxygen demand is the number one problem in the country.

In this condition, you can know the lack of oxygen in your body through seven symptoms. Find out if the oxygen level is declining through these seven steps and then approach the doctor.

Decreased oxygen levels can be detected by suffocation. Not everyone who suffers from suffocation needs to go to the hospital. You can find out the level of oxygen in the blood and then consult a doctor and seek treatment at a hospital.

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High fever is another symptom of low oxygen in the blood. Seek medical attention immediately if the patient is very hot.

If a patient coughs frequently it means that the oxygen in his blood is declining.

High blood pressure is another symptom of low oxygen levels. That is why the blood pressure of corona patients should be monitored regularly.

You can see that the level of oxygen in the blood is declining even though the mind is fluttering without peace. It is necessary to consult a doctor even at such times.

If the corona patient feels chest pain coming on it means it is a sign of declining oxygen in the blood.

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Deficiency of oxygen can also affect one’s thinking. Corona patients are confused but it means that they are running out of oxygen.


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