Heartburn is a panchanga remedy that makes pancha fly in no time


You need to make small changes in your lifestyle to solve the problem of acidity and heartburn. Well, now let’s see what those changes are !!!

Citrus fruits

The acetic acid in citrus fruits can further increase acidity and heartburn. So avoid eating oranges, grapes and lemons.

Spicy and junk foods

Avoid spicy foods and overeating foods like samosas, burgers and pizza. Also, do not eat too much chocolate and cake. Because these also cause acidity.


If you eat too much at the same time, the digestive tract will not be able to digest the food and produce more acid, which can lead to heartburn and acidity. So do not consume too much at once, but leave enough space several times in moderation.

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Sleeping after eating

Some people fall asleep immediately after eating. Sleeping like this can reduce the function of the digestive tract and cause digestive problems such as acidity.


Even if you are overweight, acidity is more likely to come. So do not gain weight by consuming continental foods.

Water is the best solution

If the body is dehydrated, the level of acid will increase and so will heartburn. So drink plenty of water.

Caffeine drinks

Experts say that caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea, and cola should be avoided when there is acidity. This is because caffeine drinks increase the pH level and cause acidity. So avoid drinking too much caffeinated beverages.

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Increasing the acidity of alcohol. So if you have a habit of drinking alcohol, stop it immediately. Otherwise the situation will get worse.


The nicotine in cigarettes can irritate the lining of the stomach. This irritation will increase the acid production as it is. So give up the habit of smoking.

Wrong lying position

Another common cause of acidity is sleeping at night. Lying down straight will provide relief from the heartburn caused by the acidity problem. So it is necessary to bring about a change in lifestyle if there is acidity.


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