Here are ten ways to deal with the wife who comes to Dowd and tortures him


Here are ten ways to deal with the wife who comes to Dowd and tortures him

Let’s see how to deal with a suspicious wife

1. There is no point in keeping to yourself how much love you have for your wife. Express it to them from time to time, it will reduce their suspicion of you as soon as they feel your love. Always keep your love alive. Your love for them can make your other girlfriends forget them. When your love and attention is on them you will not be distracted by other women.

Here are ten ways to deal with the wife who comes to Dowd and tortures him

2. If your wife asks your opinion about another woman’s appearance, try to divert the question to another topic. Try and give your wife the impression that another woman’s look doesn’t completely impress you.

3. Women who are overly jealous, no matter how innocent you are, if you think you care about another woman, it is only natural to start yelling at you. So if they start screaming it is better to move away from the place immediately and do not catch their eye until their anger subsides.

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4. If a woman feels insecure in her relationship they will feel the torment of hell. It is your duty not to give them this hellish torment. Sit down with them and discuss their sense of insecurity. Let them know that you are not going to disappoint them in any way. It is very important to win their trust.

5. Maintaining a peaceful relationship between your girlfriend and your spouse is very difficult, though it is necessary to do so. It is important to get them acquainted with each other before jealousy or fighting ensues. Allow them to cultivate friendships and encourage the development of healthy friendships between them.

6. Excessive lying can kill a relationship. If you think your behavior will upset her and lead to a fight, try to deal with it rather than lying about it. If you are going to meet a girlfriend tell her without hiding it. It will increase the suspicion on you when it comes to light later. Your transparency is the shield that protects you from your spouse’s suspicions

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7. If your wife’s jealousy worsens over time and you get to the point of damaging your relationship, you should calm down and give her a final warning to change her ways. The strong and jealous woman will respond to this more powerful attitude. Seek this only if all other means fail.

8. Swearing at each other with harsh words and criticizing the spouse’s family can cause a large rift in the husband-wife relationship. These should be avoided altogether. Half the problem is reduced when one person is angry and the other is quiet. We should not keep talking about things that happened many years ago.

9. Husband – The wife should take care not to enter a third person in the fight. If it enters like that the problem will take a different form and get bigger. That third person can be the husband or wife’s mother, father, brother, sister, friend or anyone. Whatever it is, they should try to find a solution by talking to themselves.

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10. It multiplies only when one expresses the love one has for one another. It can be small shit or compliments. `This dress is good for you ‘,` The coffee I just gave is super!’ As good as sharing a positive comment.

Talk openly for at least 10 minutes every day. At that time one should listen carefully to what the other is saying. The two talk about money – to maintain the cost. In this case the opacity will create unnecessary problems.

Couples should make it a habit to go trekking, jogging and cycling together from time to time. Together the two can learn some art like yoga and song. This will increase the reciprocity between them.


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