How to feel corona shortness of breath?


Shortness of breath in the second wave of the corona is the biggest problem. Thus requiring oxygen assistance. Fatalities due to lack of timely oxygen support are shocking. Shortness of breath during the first wave corona is not the biggest challenge. But that is the main problem in the second wave.

How to feel corona shortness of breath?
How to feel corona shortness of breath?

Breathing or suffocation is the feeling of not being able to breathe air very fast, beyond the normal ability to breathe. According to medicine, shortness of breath is caused by a person not being able to breathe enough and not getting enough air to the lungs. Shortness of breath can be caused not only by corona, but also by asthma, pneumonia, and many other causes, including heart disease.

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In the current context, corona patients are more likely to have respiratory problems due to pneumonia. Although the corona virus is present throughout the body it infects the air chambers in the lungs. Thus the lungs become unable to do the work of separating oxygen from the air. People with obesity and diabetes, especially those with cornea, have a higher risk of developing asthma.

It is not uncommon for people with severe corona to develop respiratory problems. Respiratory problems can occur even in people with mild to moderate illness. So, don’t be indifferent.

In the initial stage the suffocation may come and go for a few minutes and then heal. Shortness of breath can occur, especially when climbing stairs, changing position, or walking. If so it is Mild Vulnerability. It is better to get treatment immediately. Increased shortness of breath can lead to death. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy an oximeter and check the oxygen level if a corona infection is confirmed.

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The vulnerability will continue to increase little by little. If you get out of bed and lie back in bed there will be stuttering for a few minutes. Will be fine after that. It is better to go for treatment in this condition.

In the end, even two or three words in a row means that they are out of breath and have gone into serious distress. It is a good idea to seek medical help before you get to that point. Immediate access to oxygen can prevent death.


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