If children have a coronary infection … it is important to follow this!


The second wave of the corona has just begun to come under control. Within that there was a third wave in many countries. Based on this, the researchers predict that the third wave will affect India in a few more months.

If children have a coronary infection ... it is important to follow this!

The first wave hit the elderly and the second wave hit the middle-aged. Researchers have warned that the third wave could affect children. They also warned that the corona virus could be many times more potent than the current virus.

If children have a coronary infection ... it is important to follow this!

Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus. Children have been reported to have Multi System Inflammatory Syndrome. It is our duty to protect children very carefully in this environment.

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Corona patients are generally divided into three groups. Patients with no symptoms or very mild infections are divided into mild and severe infections. Based on this, it is decided who gets what kind of treatment.

Most children diagnosed with second-degree infection were asymptomatic or mildly affected. Some, however, developed serious infections. Often when adults in the family are infected it is only when they are tested to see if others in the family are infected that the asymptomatic infection is revealed to the children.

Fever, cough, fatigue, difficulty breathing, sore throat, diarrhea, and loss of taste, as in adults. Lack of sense of smell can occur. If the infection is asymptomatic and very mild, they may not even know they have the infection. So no treatment is required.

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If they have a mild infection, they should take flu medication as prescribed by their doctor. Periodically put salt in warm water and gargle. Children should be given regular water feeding. It is sufficient to provide nutritious foods.

If the mild infection is a severe infection they should have an RT-PCR test immediately. Tests such as CT scans can be done if needed. They should be checked periodically to see if their oxygen level is above 94-95. If it goes below 94, you can consult a doctor and be admitted to the hospital for treatment. Doctors will examine the severity of the infection in children and decide what kind of treatment to give them. Normal fever, our baby never goes out so it is better to be indifferent that there will be no corona and avoid going to the hospital for the last time.

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