If the chest is cold, put it in milk and drink it and it will run away.


நெஞ்சுல "Kar Kar" If you are cold, put this 'Viru Viru' in milk and drink it and it will run away

Karunjeeragam / Karunjeeragam helps to cure innumerable ailments. It is important to note that we can avoid this by having to consult a doctor by adding it to our daily diet. : –



Fennel is rich in anti-oxidants. Antioxidants are one of the most important nutrients for good health. These help to remove unwanted wastes from the body. So that the body cells are protected from decay. Thus, antioxidants play a major role in preventing various diseases and keeping the body healthy. Fennel can be added to the daily diet to fight cancer in the body.

Cure colds, coughs, asthma harassment

Fennel is an excellent remedy for chronic colds and coughs. All these ailments can be cured by consuming a small amount of fennel in milk daily. Even chronic asthma can be cured by taking fennel daily.

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Cleansing the uterus

Women who have given birth may have dirt in their uterus. It is very important to keep the uterus clean and healthy. This will prevent future pregnancy related problems. And there is no problem in conceiving again. Fennel helps in cleansing the uterus after childbirth.

Grind the fennel into powder. Mix this with water or milk. Add a little palm jam if needed and take it daily to remove all the dirt in the uterus. Karunjeeragam nanmaikal.

To control blood sugar levels

People with diabetes have higher blood sugar levels. So they need to follow a proper diet to control their blood sugar level. They can use fennel to counteract this. This is because fennel helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

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So people with diabetes can take a small amount of fennel daily. This will help them to avoid the side effects of high blood sugar. Fennel also improves pancreatic function. In short, fennel is a boon for them.

Helps to cure ulcers

People suffering from stomach ulcers should mix fennel powder with water and drink it daily. Doing so will make all the ulcers in the stomach heal quickly. Fennel helps to alleviate this problem more than medicine and pills. People who regularly take fennel in their diet are less likely to develop ulcers.

Increases good cholesterol

Cholesterol is one of the essential nutrients for our body. In which good cholesterol is good for the body and bad cholesterol is bad. Fennel is a wonderful medicine in this category. Because it lowers bad cholesterol. At the same time it increases the level of good cholesterol. Karunjeeragam is amazingly helpful in preventing fat related disease.

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Relieves headaches and nasal congestion

In winter, headaches and nasal congestion are more common. People with this problem can use fennel oil in the early morning and at night. You can get rid of this nuisance by applying fennel oil on the forehead, head, nose and chest.


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