If the child is bald, the corona can be hunted – find out how


If the child is bald, the corona can be hunted - find out how

Scientific Benefits and Reasons for Shaving a Baby

The bald head helps the baby to get vitamin D easily. This vitamin D gives the body more immunity during the corona period .So vitamin D helps greatly in preventing the corona virus infection and thus helps in smooth bone and tooth growth .The baby’s hair is very thin at birth. After baldness, the baby grows thicker. Hair removal in summer helps to prevent sweating problems. There will be no lice or infections.

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Important Tips

If you are shaving make sure the blade and razor are sterilized.

You can call the best, best shaver person to shave your baby so that there is no injury to the baby’s head.

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In hot seasons, baldness can occur in moderate summers.

Feed the baby before shaving. Do not shave the baby with hunger. Many of the children may cry and shake off the brakes a little.

Wear comfortable clothes that will allow the baby to breathe.

What to do after shaving?

You can bathe the baby in warm water.

Without rubbing the head, gently pat it aside with a towel.

After shaving, apply butter or yoghurt on the scalp and then apply sandalwood. Reducing irritation.

Add a little turmeric and sandalwood. Turmeric disinfectant, sandalwood also gives cooling.

Do not use shampoo for a week or two after shaving.

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Apply oil on the scalp daily after shaving. Apply organic coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil.

The oil is essential for the scalp. It keeps the skin in the right condition.


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