If these symptoms are ignored, the liver will catch the next leg.



If these symptoms are ignored, the liver will catch the next leg.

The main symptoms that indicate a problem with the liver

Swelling of the abdominal area

A lot of people usually think of abdominal swelling as belly or pregnancy. But it can also be a symptom of an affected liver. This condition is caused by water retention in the abdomen. Alcohol can cause side effects such as liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Bloated stomach


Liver damage can also be easily diagnosed with jaundice. The skin and eyes turn yellow. This condition occurs when the liver is unable to effectively remove bilirubin (bile) from red blood cells. Liver disease must be diagnosed and treated to treat jaundice.

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Color of urine and stool

The color of urine and stool may change each time depending on what you eat and drink. However, doctors say that if your urine turns pale yellow and the stool becomes lighter and stays that way for a long time, you may have liver disease.

* May cause itching of the skin

* Urine may be dense

* There may be blood or black discharge.

* May cause excessive fatigue.

* May have a feeling of when to sleep.

* May cause abdominal cramps, vomiting, loss of appetite.

* May feel confused.

* Symptoms may include joint pain, hemorrhage, and depression.

Changes in bowel movements

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Many changes in bowel movements can also occur if the liver is affected. For example, constipation, irritability during defecation, discoloration of the stool or darkening of the stool, or blood clots in the stool.


Problems such as digestive problems and acid reflux can be caused by liver damage. So nausea and even vomiting can occur.


If liver damage goes unnoticed over time it can cause problems such as loss of appetite. So too much weight loss. If you are suffering from malnutrition, you should eat more nutrients immediately.

Water stagnation

If water stagnates in places like feet, ankles, feet, it is called a dam. The reason for this is liver damage. Furthermore, if the swollen areas are pressed, the compressed track will remain intact for a while.

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