If this does not work, you will not be infected with the virus!


Today the second wave of the corona virus has affected many countries around the world.


Wearing a mask can help prevent the spread of corona virus infection.

After the spread of corona virus infection, wearing a mask has become an important part of one’s daily activity.

The method of putting on and removing the mask must be correct.

But not many people know how to properly remove and remove them. This also causes the corona to spread more.

Some people wear the mask only on the mouth, which is a mistake .There is a risk of the virus passing through the nose into the body .So wear a mask to cover the chin, nose, mouth, etc.

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Things to follow when wearing a mask

1. It is better to use cotton face masks.

2. For those who are not in contact with the corona patient, cloth masks can be washed in soapy water and reused.

3. Only put your masks, gloves, tissue papers and empty sanitizer bottles in covered garbage cans.

4.Use reusable masks until done.

5. Individuals associated with corona patients are required to use N95 masks.

6. Do not use masks and other safety kits made of polypropylene. Because getting rid of these is a difficult thing.


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